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Hydrating with SteriPEN in the Canadian Rockies

This week’s warm weather brought memories of a day hike last summer during similar conditions. As has been my habit, I didn’t bring enough water for the day, and by the time we were halfway through our hike, my water bottle was empty. And has been my habit over many years, I ended up desperately scooping water from lakes and streams. I’ve never suffered any ill effects from drinking directly […]

Hiking in Hokas: A Canadian Rockies review

Hiking in running shoes is nothing new. We started using Nike and Adidas runners on day hikes when we were preparing the second edition of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide. As they say, one pound saved on your feet equals 10 pounds in your pack. On one occasion, we were coming off a 160-km backpack when the weather turned hot. Hiking boots were burning up our feet, so we strapped […]