Icefields Parkway Hiking Guide

By: Brian Patton and Bart Robinson

Price: $3.99
Publication date: Spring 2018
Word count: 14,000 words | eBook/Kindle



The Icefields Parkway Hiking Guide by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson is a full-colour eBook from the authors of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide.

The 230-km Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper is undeniably one of Canada’s most scenic highways. More importantly for hikers, the road’s southern section, running through the northern part of Banff Park and into southern Jasper Park, is the highest stretch of road in Canada.

Many of the hikes originating from the Parkway, particularly in the vicinity of Bow Summit (2069 m/6,787 ft) and Sunwapta Pass (2035 m/6,675 ft), allow you to reach the alpine a lot quicker than elsewhere in the mountain parks. On the Banff National Park section of the Parkway there are three trails that reach treeline in less than 5 km—Helen Lake, Bow Summit Lookout and Parker Ridge.

There are also a number of low elevation trails in the North Saskatchewan Valley near Saskatchewan River Crossing—Mistaya Canyon, Howse River Flats, Warden Lake and Glacier Lake—which are usually snowfree by early June. And trails running over North Molar and Dolomite Passes are the most direct routes to the park’s remote northeast wilderness.

The Icefields Parkway Hiking Guide includes:

  • Descriptions of all Icefields Parkway hiking trails plus interesting side trips
  • “Need to Know” section for every trail
  • “Planning Your Trip” section that includes information sources, weather, and transportation
  • Maps of every trail
  • Stunning colour photography
  • Competitive pricing: All this for just $3.99

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Purchasing this eBook

This is a forthcoming title. It will be available as a PDF downloadable on this website and as a Kindle eBook through Amazon in spring 2018.