Monthly Archives: February 2014

Snowpack in the Canadian Rockies’ high country

                    My Canadian Rockies Trail Guide co-author, Bart Robinson, recently received a query from American friends about the feasibility of backpacking the Rockwall or Sawback Trails in early July. That’s a time when we usually expect a fair amount of snow lingering above treeline and particularly on high, alpine passes. But each year is a bit different, and as spring approaches, […]

Technology on the trail

I was working for Parks Canada at Lake Louise in 1994 when a phone call arrived at the Visitor Centre. A climber on the summit of Mount Temple was calling in to say he was running late and wouldn’t be checking in from his climb until later in the evening. I suppose we should have cheered the new technology that allowed climbers to inform us when they were safe or in […]

Winter reading: A hiker’s library

Midwinter. Okay, call me a wuss, but when the daily temperature range is -15º to -30º, I spend less time outdoors and more time reading. And being a “professional” walker, I read a lot of travel writing. To be a good travel writer, one who explores culture, landscape and self, you must be a walker. Some personal favourites by great walkers and skillful writers: Wilfred Thesiger (Arabian Sands); Colin Fletcher […]