Monthly Archives: June 2014

Hiking in Hokas: A Canadian Rockies review

Hiking in running shoes is nothing new. We started using Nike and Adidas runners on day hikes when we were preparing the second edition of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide. As they say, one pound saved on your feet equals 10 pounds in your pack. On one occasion, we were coming off a 160-km backpack when the weather turned hot. Hiking boots were burning up our feet, so we strapped […]

More spring hikes in Jasper

I don’t get to Jasper nearly enough these days. Time was we would spend a good chunk of our summers hiking and backpacking in the park. And one summer we worked in nearby Mt Robson and made frequent day trips there. That’s why I find myself feeling frustrated this week as some of the best early hikes in the Canadian Rockies are opening up. In fact, nearly all the lower […]

Wood tick time in the Canadian Rockies

  A minor miracle this spring. I’ve hiked three notorious “tick” trails in the Rockies and returned without any of these annoying little critters crawling on my body or in my hair. Now that trails on southerly-exposed slopes are opening up in the mountain parks, the joys of early hikes will once again be tempered by the traditional post-trip tick-check. (I usually drop my pack outside and, after a quick brush and shake, […]