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Canada Day—Take a hike, eh!

If you went somewhere special in the Canadian Rockies this Canada Day, send a photo, location, and brief description of your special day to oromaniacs@gmail.com.

Jim Shipley on Nub Peak, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Blog correspondent Jim Shipley photographed his buddy Frank (above) atop The Nub in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park last year on Canada Day—an inspiring hike on the country’s 150th. But if you’re not up for snowy hikes at this time of year, you can find some shorter and drier alternatives closer to civilization to celebrate Canada 151.

As Jim’s photo attests, it was a little bit snowy backpacking into the park via Bryant Creek and Wonder Pass at that time of year. But what a great way to celebrate the country’s birthday!


Kootenay River Canada Day

Pat and Baiba Morrow (above) spent the Canada Day weekend with friends on the Kootenay River, practicing their rusty canoeing skills in preparation for a trip on the Yukon’s Wind River later this month. Photo by Pat Morrow.


Martin Belanger photo

Martin Belanger selfie with the Castleguard Patrol Cabin, Banff National Park.

Marty Belanger knows how to spend a Canada Day weekend alone. As he writes: “This hike was a very last minute idea. I had tough negotiations with European colleagues right up to 3:00 pm on Friday. When I got home I just decided I needed to get out. My pack is always ready to go. I just added a bit of extra groceries. The plan was to do the Alexandra River valley to the Castleguard meadows and back over the Saskatchewan glacier. I hadn’t been on a pure solo (no dogs included) trip since last September. I just love going places where no one else wants to go. I was totally alone with my thoughts for 4 days. Nothing like sitting by a fire in the wilderness. It was cold, wet and miserable, but that makes me enjoy life all the more. It even snowed this morning. My first real snowfall in July. Happy Canada Day.” Check out Martyupnorth on YouTube for more solo epics.



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