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Facebook: My favourite Canadian Rockies pages

I’m not a big social media fan. I don’t maintain a Facebook page or have a Twitter feed. But lately I’ve been checking out some Facebook pages linked to Parks Canada or created by local support groups. Without exception, I’ve discovered some great current news posted by Canadian Rockies park staff and visitors.

These sites are valuable resources, particularly for backcountry users. There are many excellent photos contributed by park staff as well as “Friends” who are out and about on the trails. Facebook sites often link to Parks Canada videos posted on YouTube. (Or you can go direct to YouTube and enter “Parks Canada Agency” to check out the full array of productions from across Canada.)

Unlike a lot of personal Facebook sites, you can access all the posted information without being a Facebook member, though you will have to sign up to “Friend” some contributor’s sites or create your own postings.

All Canadian Rockies national parks have active Facebook pages, but one of my favourites is Waterton Lakes National Park-Facebook. Waterton is a very active and close-knit community, so there is a lot of participation on the site summer and winter. And as with Facebook pages for other parks, click on one of the photos and then page through an amazing collection of recent “Timeline Photos”.

Another of my favourite sites is the Friends of Jasper National Park-Facebook page. This page combines the work of Jasper Trails Alliance and the Friends of Jasper. I’ll be writing more about this group and its Facebook page in future, but if you’re interested in anything dealing with the Jasper backcountry at any time of year, this is the place to go.

Friends of Jasper


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