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Lake Minnewanka to Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake

Every summer, faithful Canadian Rockies Trail Guide contributor Jim Shipley conjures up a different trip through the Front Ranges of the Rockies. Late last summer, Jim and his companions set off on a 200-km 11-day trek that would take them from Lake Minnewanka near Banff north to Abraham Lake on the Kootenai Plains. 

Like all of Jim’s journals we’ve published over the past several years, this one provides a summary of current conditions on some of Banff National Park’s most remote trails, ones that we haven’t travelled in many moons.

Far from being a straight-line shot between Lakes Minnewanka and Abraham, the team’s route wiggled west and east, touching on some of the finest scenery in the Rockies as well as some of the worst trails. Regardless of the title Jim applies to his trip description, I always feel it could just as easily been titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. Click the highlighted link below the photo for Jim Shipley’s tale of wonder and woe.

Lake Minnewanka to Abraham Lake


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