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Lake O’Hara bus schedule changes for 2015

Lake O'Hara from the Alpine Circuit

Lake O’Hara from the Alpine Circuit

Getting a seat on the bus to Lake O’Hara has always been a challenge, with keen hikers marking their calendars three months in advance to ensure they call on the correct day and ensure themselves access to this very special place. As of 2015, the process has changed in two ways:

1) Reservations can now be made online through Parks Canada

2) Tomorrow (April 20), phone lines open for the entire season, meaning that if you want to see the larch in late September, you will need to make bookings in April, as all seats on the shuttle bus are sure to fill quickly.

Note that the process for campers remains unchanged, and the three-month-in-advance booking rule still applies.

UPDATE at noon, April 20, 2015: Wow! We just checked with the Parks Canada reservation service and it looks like all seats on all buses are booked for entire season.

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  1. Gerry B.

    Thanks for the heads up. Made my reservation for this summer and can’t wait for my first trip to this legendary place!


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