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Paint Pots and Rockwall Trail detour in Kootenay

Paint Pots, Kootenay National Park

Paint Pots, Kootenay National Park

Due to flooding, there is currently a trail detour in Kootenay National Park (summer 2013) that affects the Paint Pots and Rockwall Trails. Rock foundations and truncated trail mark where the suspension bridge to the Paint Pots spanned the Vermilion River in Kootenay National Park. The bridge washed out in 2012, and with no immediate prospect of replacement, hikes to the Paint Pots and the northern region of The Rockwall now begin from Marble Canyon.

Follow the trail into Marble Canyon for 150 m to a junction and gate on the left. From this junction, the access trail runs southwest above the Vermilion River for 3.2 km to the Paint Pots and the Ochre Creek trail. As described in the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, the following trails are affected by this detour (add 2 km to all distances for these trips):

  • Paint Pots
  • Rockwall Trail
  • Helmet Creek
  • Tumbling Creek

As a footnote, bridges on Tumbling Creek are washed out at this time (July 24), so the trail is considered unsafe and is closed until further notice.


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