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Snowstorm problems linger in Jasper

Jasper National Park summer snowstorm

The June 19 snowstorm that clogged roads throughout Jasper National Park, also brought down tens-of-thousands of trees in the park. The event continues to cause access problems for hikers and backpackers two months after the event. Photo and story on jasperlocal.com.

A freak rain-snow event that dropped more than 80mm of precipitation over Jasper National Park on June 19 continues to affect access and travel into the park’s backcountry.

Washouts on the Miette Hot Springs road resulted in a closure that remains in effect and may last for the remainder of the summer. This road closure is blocking access to the Sulphur Skyline trail, one of the most popular half-day hikes in the park, and the Fiddle River trail.

Meanwhile, day hikers and backpackers are encountering a spiderweb of downed trees across trails throughout the park.

The North and South Boundary trails have both been affected by the storm. While the park’s trail crew is clearing deadfall on the most popular trails, it is unlikely it will get to the tangle on more remote trails, like Little Heaven-Glacier Pass, McLaren Pass and Blue Creek. 

Hikers are advised to check the Jasper trail report for trails that are still affected by downed trees.

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  1. Brian

    Parks Canada reopened the Miette Road in late August in time for the September long weekend. This reopening allows access to the popular Sulphur Skyline trail and, of course, to the Hot Springs pool. Motorists should expect single-lane alternating (automated traffic lights) at the section of road damaged by mudslides and washouts.


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