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Finding the trail to Castleguard Meadows

Castleguard Meadows

Laurent and Andrea’s campsite on the edge of Castleguard Meadows. Photo courtesy of Laurent T.-Blanchet.

The old trail to Castleguard Meadows via the Alexandra and Castleguard Rivers is a tough slog. But those who make it there, either by the fading trail or over the Saskatchewan Glacier, will never forget this remarkable region.

Finding the way on this remote route, unmaintained track in Banff Park’s northern reaches is not a walk in the park. Any signage on the route dates to the dark ages, and the Castleguard Meadows campsite is slowly being absorbed into the earth.

A number of correspondents have launched trips to the Castleguard Meadows over the past couple of years. Most with mixed success. Last year, we published an account by backpacker Gavin Fitch Castleguard Meadows revisited.

A number of people provided comments on that posting, including Martin Belanger, the intrepid solo backpacker who has attempted to reach the meadows on three occasions. See accounts of these trips on YouTube under MartyUpNorth Castleguard Meadows.

The most recent comment came from Laurent T.-Blanchet. When I reviewed his comments and the link to his trip blog, I realized the current description in the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide is woefully vague and out-of-date.

I decided his description and photos deserve to be highlighted, and Laurent generously allowed us to provide a link to his site. Follow his detailed, well-illustrated five-day trip with his partner Andrea (September 11-15, 2018) on  OverthePeaks.com for the Alexandra River Trail/Castleguard Meadows trip (links at the end of each day will take you to the next).

Anyone planning a trip on this remote, overgrown trail should visit this impressive website. Who knows, this multi-day trip may gain a bit of notoriety with hardy hikers, like Laurent and Andrea.


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