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Spring hiking with crampons

With the onset of spring, most well-travelled winter trails turn into skating rinks with the daily freeze-thaw cycle. That’s why I decided to store my skis and snowshoes and try a well-reviewed pair of Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras. For serious hiking on snowpacked and icy trail, particularly over mixed terrain (occasional mud and rock), I found two brands that fit the bill—the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras and Kahtoola Microspikes. Both are made […]

Trail running in the Canadian Rockies

There is a notion that trail running in the Canadian Rockies is relatively new. Actually, it’s been around since  the first recreational running shoes were created by Nike, Adidas and New Balance in the mid-1970s. I recall camping at Twintree Lake on Jasper’s North Boundary Trail in 1976, where fellow campers told of a lone runner thrashing through the campground in the middle of the night, desperately looking for the trail […]