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Classic Loop Hikes in Banff and Yoho

Classic Loop Hikes in Banff and Yoho

Most of the day hikes in the Canadian Rockies are one way, up-and-back, but here are my favourite classic Loop Hikes in Banff and Yoho National Parks. One of my favourite guidebooks is the UK's Classic Walks in the Lake District by Walt Unsworth (yes, trail guide...

New access to Banff’s most popular trails

New access to Banff’s most popular trails

Update September 3, 2021: Parks Canada reopened the eastern 17 kms of the Bow Valley Parkway between Fireside and Johnston Canyon to vehicles on September 1st. This section of the Parkway was closed to vehicles and used primarily by cyclists from June 1st.  Banff...

Floe Lake—a poem by David Zieroth

Sometimes moving through landscape can become art. In the mid-1970s, David (aka Dale) Zieroth was working as a park naturalist in Kootenay National Park when he hiked on an overnight to Floe Lake with some of his Parks Canada colleagues. The poem that came out of that...

Hiking around Storm Mountain Lodge

The original Guide to Hiking Trails in the vicinity of Storm Mountain Lodge was published in 1978. The text and design was created by then lodge co-owner Jim Thorsell. After the lodge changed ownership, the book was out of print for three decades. Many things changed...

The Great Divide Trail—1970

The Provisional Trail Guide and Map for the Great Divide Trail was published in 1970. It contains a description for the original route, which remains useful to backpackers today.

Last Tango on Stoney Squaw

Some of the most popular short-hike destinations in the Bow Valley have experienced name changes over the past 40 years or may do so soon.

Cutting trail in Kootenay Park, 1940

Cutting trail in Kootenay Park, 1940

As Kootenay National Park celebrates its centennial year, it seems an appropriate time to republish Ron Ede's account of a long-ago summer working on the park's trails.  I first read "Cutting trail in Kootenay Park—1940" in the "The Valley Echo Special Supplement" in...