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Jonas-Brazeau Loop closure

The Jonas Pass-Brazeau Lake Loop, one of Jasper Park’s most popular backcountry trips, has been closed for a month by an aggressive grizzly bear. It is a closure that extends from Nigel Pass on the park’s southwest boundary with Banff Park and around the park’s entire South Boundary to Rocky Pass. The closure was initiated on June 17th after a grizzly in Jasper’s South Boundary country became habituated to human food […]

A new approach to Jasper’s South Boundary

It isn’t news to active hikers and backpackers in Jasper, but the South Boundary Trail as it appears in the 9th edition of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide doesn’t really work anymore. In the last edition of our guidebook, we alluded to problems between Breccia Canyon and Grizzly Campground created by the 2003 Rocky River fire. The fire created such a problem over this stretch that Parks Canada decommissioned the […]